Music: Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton

One year ago today, I was playing around with Automator in OSX and decided to create a script that would automatically upload my latest picture in ichat to flickr. Every time I change my chat icon in iChat I upload it, (mostly) daily. It has gotten to the point where it’s taking over my photostream and I’m just ready to quit, or at least slow way down.

So what better way to celebrate the one year anniversary of my first ichat2flickr picture than a nice 90 second slideshow of all 187 pictures. You’ll see at the 0:47 mark where I upgraded to Leopard and the ichat pictures changed to 640x480 instead of 256x256.

I used iPhoto to create a slideshow of all the pictures, then exported a quicktime movie into Quicktime Pro to squish it all down to 90 seconds.

This also means that I won’t be posting all these goofy pics as often, so my contacts won’t see my face plastered in their photostream quite as incessantly as in recent months.