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But I Probably Won’t Hear You

I am a huge fan of programmer-turned-troubadour Jonathan Coulton’s folk/pop/geek song writing skills, and I’m not the only one. Graphic artist Jarrett Heather created a jaw-dropping-ly brilliant animation video for one of my favorite JoCo tunes, “Shop-Vac”:

For more awesome songs by Jonathan Coulton, visit Check out his primer, general info, and listening suggestions.


Flogging Molly for St. Patrick’s Day

While dropping the kiddos off at school this morning, a particularly awesome Irish tune came on to 107.1 to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I had never heard it before so I fired up Shazam on my iPhone and it identified it as “From The Back Of A Broken Dream” by the band Flogging Molly. Not only that, it found a video on youtube so I could share it with you. A nice way to start the day.

Japanese Soccer Mayhem

found via metafilter

Professional League soccer team Cerezo Osaka take on a team of 100 Japanese primary school children. Hilarity ensues. The kids are pretty good.

Note: You may want to skip to about 5:00 into the first video to bypass the introductions.

Baby! Laughing! Wii!

I’ve been slacking off on my posting, so here’s a quick pick me up:


Here’s my first upload to [|youtube]. Yeah, I know, welcome to 2005.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.

As my first post of 2007, I thought I would share a favorite video from youtube. This embodies everything that is good about web 2.0. It’s made by a guy in Norway that has either way too much time on his hands or he’s a prodigy. Either way, it’s an incredible demonstration of this new wave of communication, allowing worldwide connections. It’s great fun to watch.

The only problem is that for every gem like this on YouTube, there are 99999 lumps of coal. That’s why the rating systems and popularity tracking are so important.

Go Blue.