Computer Skills

• Environments: Linux, UNIX, Windows, X-Windows, DOS, MacOS.
• Languages: C++, C, HTML, PHP, Perl, Java, Ada, Fortran 90, E-lisp, SmallTalk, Visual Basic.
• Applications: Dreamweaver, Flash, MySQL, Doors, Microsoft Office Suite, AutoCAD, Telnet, FTP.

I have had exposure to a wide variety of programming languages and toolsets, from coding for embedded systems in ADA on a VAX to web-based development in PHP, and a little of everything in between. The skills and experience I have obtained have allowed me to develop a very rapid learning cycle on new programming environments. There is always more to learn no matter what your project.

Education & Coursework

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering Emphasis
Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1999
GPA 3.14 overall, 3.3 in major (4.0 scale)

• C++ Programming I & II
• Software Engineering
• Data Structures and Algorithms in C++
• Database Management Systems
• Operating Systems Concepts
• Intro to Parallel Processing
• Programming Language Concepts
• Calculus I & II
• Networking (TCP/IP)
• Perspectives on Computing


Website for the Association of Personal Historians
(Web Design, Database, Programming, PHP, MySQL, Dreamweaver)

Responsible for complete managment and design of the website for this international association. Implemented a membership database from scratch using PHP and a MySQL backend. Also created additional dynamic web pages using PHP including membership database administration, a web posting board for conference comments, and an online membership application with Paypal integration.

Effort: Zero Franchise Manager (Design, Programming, Testing, PHP)
A personal project, created and managed by me. EZFM is a formatting tool for tracking statistics of a team in the PC version of the Madden Football game. Written entirely in PHP from scratch, and released under the GPL. At last count, the program had over 1300 downloads.

MaddenArena : Arena Football teams for Madden PC
(Web Design, Art Development)
A set of custom team artwork for Madden Football based upon the current year’s Arena Football teams. Updated and Rereleased for the last three annual iterations of the game (Madden 2002, Madden 2003, and Madden 2004).

Other Professional Experience

Ascent Technologies
(Requirements, Design, Programming, Testing, Process, Automotive, Medical)
• Developed software for embedded real-time automotive and medical systems.
• Developed Requirements, Design, and Tests for embedded automotive and medical systems with an emphasis on adherence to company-wide software process.
• Developed documentation for FDA certification of embedded software.
• Participated in and administrated code inspections, both formal and informal.
• Developed software utilizing fixed-point variables and math routines.

Smiths Industries Aerospace
(Design, Programming, Testing, Process, Aerospace)

• Created and maintained code for the Boeing 737 Flight Management System.
• Coordinated Structural Coverage Testing for the Boeing 737 Flight Management System.
• Independently developed a support tool to parse and highlight project code for Structural Coverage Testing.
• Decoded and diagnosed error data received from in-field Flight Management Computers.
• Created and maintained documentation on the company intranet.