Who am I?

Frankly, if you’re here, you probably know who I am already, let’s be honest. I’m a husband to a beautiful wife, dad to two boys & a beautiful baby girl, sports fan, software developer, and geek in general. I’m probably not a “hardcore” tech guru, but I hope I can share some cool techy stuff.

If you’re interested in my experience, you can check out my (outdated) resume, but I am very happy writing software and running video game tournaments in my current employment.

Why this site?

This is just a place to share cool stuff that I think friends and family should know about or at least would find interesting. It’s also a place to post whatever projects or pieces of code that I want to share with others.

Why “Rhymes with Toaster”?

  • It’s a helpful reminder on how to pronounce my last name.
  • Hopefully, it’s memorable.
  • It was available.