How to fix NVIDIA blurry or fuzzy screen or text caused by driver installation

I don’t know what’s sadder, the fact that I still have to go through this workaround to get my NVIDIA graphics card to display the correct color range to my HDTV over HDMI, or that this page of essential instructions has been lost to the internet. I have grabbed the text from The Wayback Machine and am reposting it in case others could use the help.

The following text originally appeared on the following webpage (I will gladly give attribution if the proper owner is identified):

How to fix NVIDIA blurry or fuzzy screen or text caused by driver installation


You install the NVIDIA drivers and your screen or text becomes kind of “fuzzy” or “blury”.

Kind of “washed-out”, but not quite.

It might look almost as if it was not displaying in 32-bit color, even though it is.

If you put your mouse cursor over a blue background, you see a ghosted image of your mouse pointer next to it. 
This “ghosting” happens, not when moving fast like LCD screen ghosting, but just when the mouse is sitting still.

The ghosting occurs with all objects, not just the mouse — including window borders, etc, and it’s mostly in the vertical orientation.

When you UNINSTALL the drivers, it returns to normal. When you INSTALL the drivers, the problem re-appears.

The problem can occur on many different hardware and software platforms, including WinXP, WinVista, Win7, Linux;

… including many different NVIDIA GeForce cards;

… including many different monitors (both LCD and CRT & both 4:3 and widescreen aspect ratios).


This is nothing new. NVIDIA has been aware of this problem for YEARS, and has done nothing. They do not officially recognize this as a problem. Yet search in google for “nvidia blurry screen” or “nvidia blurry text” and you will clearly see hundreds of people asking for help with this problem. If you havn’t experienced it yet, consider yourself one of the lucky majority. But do not doubt that it is a real annoying problem for many many others.

The problem is simply that a registry key is missing from the NVIDIA installer .inf file. We must find that file and add the appropriate line of text, before running the setup. Here is the step-by-step instructions to do it:

Part I – Get the drivers

  1. If you have not done so, go to and download the drivers for your card.
  2. Run the driver executable. A wizard will come up, asking you where it should extract the files, and you will have to click a checkbox that says something on the order of “I agree” and click next a few times.
  3. Eventually, it will pop up a different wizard — a NVIDIA-decorated one that looks like the following screenshot. When you see it, cancel the wizard, and of course tell it that “you’re sure” that you want to cancel, etc.
  4. Ok, now navigate to the folder that you told it to extract to in the above wizard. There is a file in there called nv_disp.inf or it could be something else (depending on your driver version), like nv4_disp.inf ornv_disp_win7.inf. The path should look something like this:
    c:\NVIDIA\<your OS>\<your driver version number>\<your language>\nv_disp.inf
  5. Open that file up with notepad.
  6. Ok minimize this file. We’re going to set it off to the side for now, but we will come back to it in a minute and add a line or two of text in it.

Part II – Find your monitor’s unique EDID

The EDID is different for every type of monitor. You need to find it by doing this:

  1. First, you need to use an EDID editor to find your monitor’s unique line. To do that, download this utility, unzip, and run it. (Alternate download:
  2. Ok when it’s open, click New.
  3. Click Extract Registry EDID.
  4. This box will pop up. Make sure you click on the row, before clicking the Extract EDID button.
  5. Now all the info will be filled in the boxes. Click the Byte Viewer button.
  6. This screen with all the numbers will appear. The numbers you need are in Row 00, Columns 08 thru 0B

Part III – Prepare the line that we will need to stick in the .inf file

As I said previously, the problem is the lack of a registry key in the installer .inf file. Basically, when it installs without this registry key, it doesn’t know the details about your monitor that it needs to make a sharp picture. So all we have to do is supply it with the right info in the form of this line.

  1. Most of the line is the same for everyone:
  2. The XX,XX,XX,XX is the four bytes you got from the EDID in the previous part (circled in red in the screenshot above). Again, they are different for each monitor.

Part IV – Putting the line you made into the right spots within the .inf file

  1. Go into the .inf file that you set aside in Part I.
  2. Hit CTRL+F to pull up the Find box and look for any or all of the following sections:

    Or something else similar. I can’t be too much more specific because depending on what driver you download for whichever graphics card series you have, will determine what sections there are.

  3. For my specific system, I added it (the bold line) to these two sections:
    HKLM,”Software\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\Hybrid”,AddDeviceSequence,%REG_DWORD%,1
    HKLM,”Software\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\Hybrid”,AddDeviceSequence,%REG_DWORD%,1
    HKLM,”Software\NVIDIA Corporation\Installer”,PhysXInstall,%REG_DWORD%,1
    HKR,,UserModeDriverName,%REG_SZ_APPEND%,”nvwgf2um.dll “
  4. After you added your unique line to the proper places, save the .inf file and close it. Proceed to Part V.

Part V – Finishing

  1. Go to control panel & uninstall your current video drivers.
  2. Go to the folder and click setup.exe to install the drivers with the modified .inf file.
  3. There will be a message asking if you’re sure you want to install the driver b/c its not trusted or something like that. That’s just b/c you modified the .inf file and the checksum didn’t add up. Click OK to install anyway.
  4. Everything should be good now, if you did it right. If not, then you did all this for nothing b/c you obviously had some other problem from the one I am talking about in this How-To. Good luck!

49 thoughts on “How to fix NVIDIA blurry or fuzzy screen or text caused by driver installation

  1. Hi there.

    Thanks you very much for this information, i ben searching all over for a bit of help. My problem is the same but in Linux/Ubuntu. Is there a way to do this fix in Linux/Ubuntu at all?

    Funny thing is in Windows i dont have a issue, but the 300 series drivers seem to all do this in Ubuntu. I have tried with 3 cards from a 9800GT, GTX 275 to my current GTX 560 OC. The 9800GT have no problem, whereas the 275 and 560 do. Removing the driver and using the default Linux driver solves the issue, might just do that as i dont need the Nvidia driver for now but would like to sort it out sometime!

    Thanks again for helping with your post!

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  6. HI. And do you know possibly what can i do to make it work the same on a laptop? with a mobile nvidia driver. i mean, when i extract this, the driver for mobile card, i don’t anything like nv_disp.inf . i would be useful becouse, as my laptop uses the nvidia optimus thing, i see very big difference for example when i start some game on intel graphics and then on nvidia, though nvidia is stronger it is indeed very much blurrier. how can i fix that on laptop? please

  7. Forgive my previous comment and my silliness. The file was named nv_dispi.inf and i found it somewhere. Now i see a difference. I am very grateful;) Much crispier. Much happier.

    1. Hi, did you have the problem with a laptop that your games and videos in browser were fuzzy/shiny, and with real jagged lines and notice a big decrease in video quality etc. and this fixed it for you completely?!

  8. Brian Sullivan March 5, 2015 — 1:45 AM

    Another important issue has to do with cables and the different resolutions supported by the different connection standards (VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort). Many people are trying to use a single-link DVI cable with a very high resolution monitor, but this type of cable tops out at 1920×1200 when today’s monitors often have higher resolutions. To get higher resolutions to display properly, they need a double-link DVI cable, which tops out at 2560×1600. You won’t know that the cable is causing a blurry text problem because your graphics card will show it is producing an output resolution that exceeds the specs for a single-link cable, but the text will look awful. DisplayPort is the best option if available because it tops out at 3840×2160. Next best would be to use a double-link DVI cable matched to a graphics card and monitor that support the highest resolution of the monitor being used. This is a common problem for people complaining about blurry or fuzzy text.

  9. I have done what u said but it showed unsuccessful installation….

  10. I need to reverse this job. Where in the registry does HKR,,OverrideEdidFlags0,%REG_BINARY%,XX etc write to? Please help. Thank you in advance.

  11. Thanks for the guide. I do belive the guide needs to be updates though. Nvidia has since changed around the names of files and some folders.

    nv_disp.inf and nv4_disp.inf ornv_disp_win7.inf are no longer there.

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  13. HELP!! Fix your pictures please,I cannot do this if I cannot see the pictures

  14. Is there an update to this with the new drivers?

  15. Hello, please, fix the images. And also, could you explain with more details where to locate the unique line? Thanks!

  16. THIS BLOODY WORKED! After updating my then ATI-equipped home theatre PC with the latest ATI drivers, I got the blurry/ghosting screen. Tonnes of misinformation about scaling/other BS out there trying to solve it.
    I bought the bullet and picked up a comparable NVidia card (GT610) thinking that “Nvidia has got their stuff together – it’ll fix it”

    Wrong. Same issue. Using default Windows drivers resulted in sharp, proper picture…but way behind acceleration support and Blurays played like crud.

    I followed this post, had a couple extra EDID registry entries (narrowed it down to comparing S/Ns)…but got the correct bits put in there in the .inf (it was nvdispi.inf for me BTW) and viola!

    Nine-million stars to you man!

    1. Where did you paste the unique line? Please, i need it.

  17. i have the same problem..can some one here can help plzz

    1. did you find a solution for the 960? I am having the same problem.

  18. After years of having this issue I found this page…. I’m at a loss for words. I went through the steps and it worked… it actually worked…. I can’t even describe the level of relief that I’m currently experiencing…. You are a wonderful person, I have nothing but thanks and appreciation for you.

    My HDTV is displaying crisp and flawless in its native resolution.

  19. This solution worked for me! WOOHOO! each time i boot my pc half of the display would be black at NATIVE RESOLUTION and blurry. i had to change resolution everytime i boot. this fixed it! WOOHOO! 2 weeks old GTX750ti 2gb here

  20. great thanks. Totally working for me, article written in 2013, still working in 2016.
    Just that important steps if using windows 8.1, must disable driver signature check.
    (like going to safe mode. press shift then click restart, go to advance and your options is there)

    Also, instead of using phoenix (which doesn’t work for me), just use regedit, go here:

    the 1st 8 bytes of the edid will be 00,ff,ff,ff,ff,ff,ff,00
    2nd 8 bytes will be (for me): 1d,6b,34,32,01,00,00,00
    take 1d,6b,34,32, replace with xx,xx,xx,xx above.

    the inf located here:
    I modify 2 inf:

    add the HKR,,OverrideEdidFlags0,%REG_BINARY%,1D,6B,34,32,00,00,FF,FF,04,00,00,00,7E,01,00
    on the follwoing:

    reboot to the disable driver signature check
    install the setup.exe
    it’ll prompt warning because you modify the inf, ignore, install, and tada. I have crisped text on my TV

    Note that I connect my pc through DVI-HDMI to my TV.
    Previously it was detected as HDMI on the nvidia control panel, and the text is blurry.
    after the hack above, it is detected as DVI and the text is sharp.

  21. 4. This box will pop up. Make sure you click on the row , before
    clicking the Extract EDID button.

    it says invalid EDID. whats wrong ?

  22. Can some one please make a video on how too do this.

  23. Man, i’ve searched all the web and you was the only site that actually helped me! Thank you a Thousand times! I just want to know what can i do, so i can help you too!

    Regards from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

  24. Hi. Thank you a lot for this. It helped me. But i have a doubt.

    before when it was blurry the resolution arrived till 1920*1080.

    Now , the hdmi does not appear instead it´s showed up as dvi with max 1440-1650 or something like that.

    What should i do? The HD videos it showed up poorly in my fullhd tv.

    Best Regards,

  25. Hello,
    Phoenix doesn’t work for me and when I use HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\DISPLAY I dunno which number is mine can you please help

    1. I posted a revision on how to do this on seven forums with pictures. if you need further help just ask 🙂

      1. thanks for fast reply and explanation

        I still have some issue I replied on the other website also so I can upload the picture

        1st phoenix doesn’t work for me for some reason it couldn’t detect my hardware ID info so when I press extract ID it says Invalid ID

        I used another software called ELDIM and I believe it works then I took the number and I did same as you said,but I have different few things than you

        first when I cancel the checking system compatibility window I have the nvidia file on C only but I still have the standard vga driver adapter in the Device manager in order to have the nvida in device manger I have to complete the install to the end

        I tried with both but I still has the same problem,do you think is the card is dead

        thanks in advance

  26. Kevin Altieri May 25, 2017 — 8:38 PM

    I edited the file you mentioned, Nv_Displi.inf i think it was, .. and i added the code, .. but … BUT, .. the Folder in which the original needs to be replaced with the hacked file, is write protected, and I cannot seem to grant myself access, even though its MY new computer and I am the Admin/only user.
    So the install is not getting my updated INF file, because i cant overwrite or replace the original file in the Display.Driver folder.

    HOW do I get around That??

    Kevin Knight

    1. Make sure you are running notepad as administrator by right clicking on notepad and choosing run as admin and when you run the driver install utility do the same.

  27. It freaking works! thaaaaank you so much ! 😀 i have been struggleing with this problim for 2 years now. you are indeed a hero ! xD 😀 thanks !

  28. Hello everyone why im getting errors when extracting the Edid? like invalid EDID?

    And yes im facing kinda visual lag, blurryness i dont know
    Monitor Samsung Syncmaster T200 1680×1050 2ms 60hz
    Windows 10, 1607 anniversary and GTX EVGA 1060 drivers 378.92.

    Help 😦

  29. Well the program phoenix 1.3 doesnt work on my machine ryzen
    i had to use instead EDID viewer v 4.00 to select my T200 sansung digital

    and the raw data of EDID IS:
    But i dont know what to extract from there? what are the four XX.XX.XX.XX ?
    RAW Data:

    0x00 00 FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 4C 2D E3 03 30 32 57 54
    0x10 19 12 01 03 80 2B 1B 78 2A 60 41 A6 56 4A 9C 25
    0x20 12 50 54 BF EF 80 B3 00 81 80 81 40 71 4F 01 01
    0x30 01 01 01 01 01 01 7C 2E 90 A0 60 1A 1E 40 30 20
    0x40 36 00 B1 0F 11 00 00 1A 00 00 00 FD 00 38 4B 1E
    0x50 51 0E 00 0A 20 20 20 20 20 20 00 00 00 FC 00 53
    0x60 79 6E 63 4D 61 73 74 65 72 0A 20 20 00 00 00 FF
    0x70 00 48 56 42 51 36 30 33 32 34 31 0A 20 20 00 57

  30. I cant view anything on my screen after i uninstalled the graphics card drivers to reinstall them. But after uninstallation screen got blurry and nothing is visible. How to recover it back.

    1. Restart your computer and windows should install Microsoft’s generic driver which will get you through the installation.

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  32. Thank you very much!

    You have saved my eyes!

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  34. when i click cancle on one of the first steps, then the whole folder disappears, what should i do.

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