Operation Basement Cleanup: Day 4

or Strong off the Bench

No surprises today, and nothing spectacular; I just worked on the workbench today. It had accumulated a fairly deep pile of random tools and hardware. I grabbed the stack of clementine boxes I had saved and started sorting. It took all day (and a couple of extra hours in the night), but I got the benches cleared and moved into the back corner of the basement. That gave me just enough room to get the rug down. Huzzah!

Tomorrow is the last official day, and it will be spent getting the play/living area set up and trying to get the rest of the items in storage in a configuration where they can be worked upon. We still have a TON of empty boxes, a TON of clothes to go through and a TON of unfiled papers in boxes. But those will have to wait as regular cleanup jobs, perhaps as a way to enjoy the cool air over the summer months.


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