Operation Basement Cleanup: Day 2

Made some serious progress today. In addition to more consolidation, we moved the wardrobes out from near the bottom of the stairs to a location further back in the basement. The Wife was able to come down and help for a good part of the day, for which I was grateful. We filled up three boxes of kids’ shoes and she took photos and listed them on Craigslist. Also filled more of the garbage bags and recycle bags. The “East Room”, where you enter the basement, is the planned living space, and it’s almost entirely cleared out. We found a lot of boxes of interesting things that had been brought down the stairs and set down in the first open space. We even found a few board books that had been missing for a long time. Tomorrow I hope to move the work benches out of the East Room and put down some carpet rolls there.

1 thought on “Operation Basement Cleanup: Day 2

  1. Well done, sir (and ma’am), well done! Keep it up!

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