When my boss stopped by and said I had some vacation time to use up, I had an idea. This idea is either a great one or a horribly painful one, I’m not yet sure. Instead of using all of the time for a family vacation (I did take some time for a “staycation” during spring break), I would use it to take a week off from work when the kids were in school and use the time to CLEAN THE BASEMENT.

So this week I’ve got 5 days scheduled where I plan to get up like usual, get lunches ready like usual, and drive the kids to school like usual, but instead of heading to the office after dropping them off, I’ll head back home and to the basement. The hope is that at least one half of the space will be usable living space for the kids to play or anyone can spend time in the coolness during the warm days of summer. I also want to consolidate a lot of the random “stuff” and get rid of whatever I can.

Here’s how it looks before I start. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

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